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Meet the petite Ajla from I am completely in love with her look. How could one pull off being classy, badass, delicate, and fashionable so effortlessly? Here are my favourite pics that show how she can keep a simple look with stand out pieces. Also she rocks the hair length that I currently can’t rock.. hair-spiration I need you.


Those shorts ❤ Simple details make the biggest (and greatest) impressions!

AHH I would most definitely rock those pants

I want this outfit. Volume over fitted bottoms is a great combo!! Very flattering for the legs



SS - adjla

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Want to splurge on some summer knick-knacks? Well I found just the website for youuuuu!! Actually though, so many unnecessary yet necessary things to buy to make your summer SO MUCH BETTER.

Here are some great must-haves from FREDFLARE.COM all found under their SUMMER GIFT GUIDE

Dynamo Solar Crank Radio $9.99 – ON SALE WOOOOOOO

DESCRIPTION (that I totally didn’t write but wish I did):
So you’re chilling at the beach with all your homies, pumping up the jams, having the most dope phat dance party ever, when suddenly the batteries die on your radio. Keep the party going with the Dynamo AM/FM/WB Solar Radio. All it takes is 1 easy minute of cranking & you get 20 cool minutes of sweet tunes. Don’t be a square & keep the dance party going all day & night long. No batteries required. This awesome lightweight radio measures a super portable 3″x2.4″x3″

You won’t be singin’ the blues anymore once you get together w/ this colored harmonica necklace.You’ll be making beautiful music together, because this mini instrument actually works! Charm is 1” long, chain measures approx. 20″. Harmonica and chain colors may vary.

Log Pillow $18.00

By the roaring campfire, under a purple Montana sky, Hank the cowboy sat on a log. It was full of wood, and it was not comfortable. But this log is not full of wood. It is full of little polystyrene microbeads and it feels very nice to rest upon. Measures 15″ long by about 6.5″ diameter.

I think it’s about time for you to earn your “certificate of awesometicity” & lucky for you, this rad cheeseburger wallet comes with one! It also has a handy “tip table”, 1 I.D. window slot, 4 interior card slots, 1 bill pocket & 2 hidden pockets. The outer bun is super soft like a real one! Man-made materials. Approx. 4.25” x 4.5″

We are kinda in love with this. A map of the world begins with all the land masses having a brassy sheen, but that metallic surface scratches off like a lottery ticket to keep track of your travel destinations. The other side is blank and white for you to mark your flight paths. Boast your worldliness with some subtlety. “Oh, when did you go to Iceland?” your friends will say. “Ha ha, just last year, shall I regale you with a tale of black sanded beaches and freaky-long days?” Measures about 16.5″x12″ when unrolled and about 5″x2″ in its travel tube.


Sink into a steamy cup of tea with this, well, not so seaworthy infuser. Silicone rubber ship separates to fill with your favorite flavored tea leaves, then submerges into your cup for a delicious drink that will totally float your boat. Just not this one. Measures 1.6″x3.25″x 4.75″

Let these super cute porcelain rainboots sprout your fav yummy garden goodies! Comes with soil and seeds to grow mint, strawberry, basil or camomile. Collect all four in these lovely colors. About 4″x3.5″

When that little bag of gummy bears from the corner store just isn’t enough, we suggest you take it up a notch. Meet your new best friend… He’s a classic gummy bear, only much bigger.
88 times bigger! Enjoy this jumbo handmade confectionery masterpiece with friends or… attempt it alone! Available in lots of yum flavors. Added stick insures no mess. 8″ high with stick, 5″ without. 1.75″ thick. Weighs half a pound! HOLY SHIT

Have you met Al? You know him: the giant inflatable alligator! Now you can have one of these crocs for keeps. Let him lounge at the beach or take a dip in the pool; he’s sure to be a hilarious addition to any party. Features curved tail and inflate valve for breath or small pump. Alligator measures 10″ high by 62″ long.


Searching for something quirky to spice up your pad? Look no further than this fun and animal-friendly cardboard deer head! It’s got a totally modern look and a great eye-catching texture. It’s easy to assemble as well!

Miss the days of chatting with friends via your super secret walkie talkies? Recapture the spirit of stealth with this walkie talkie phone attachment. It combines a microphone and speaker into one super-handy piece with volume adjustment and the ability to make or end calls with the touch of a button. Just plug it into your headphone jack and talk away!

Keep your favorite flavors in suspended animation with these lightsaber ice pop molds. Fill your frozen weapons (against hunger, that is) with one of the 30 recipes included in the full-color cookbook. From Frozen Hoth Chocolate to Ewoki Road Sundaes, you’ll never buy a boring box of pops again! Variety of recipes allows you to suit everyone’s appetite, from the light to the dark side. Set of four saber molds plus 64 page cookbook with 30 recipes. HOLY SHIT

This little slicer goes the distance…across your pizza, that is. Cut your slices in half the time with this double-bladed pizza cutter in an adorable scooter shape. A handy kick stand pops out for parking on the counter between slices. Zippy red color, just like your favorite marinara sauce.


RM - fredflare summer

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Tassled Cynosure Tank – $118.00

Currently la la loving Anthropology! They tend to combine exotic prints with casual cuts – which is my favourite combination because it makes looking trendy, comfortable! I usually see pieces from Anthropology on where you have a newsfeed of New Arrivals in stores! (Its dangerous) Once seeing many eye catching pieces from Anthro I couldn’t help but explore the website and put together my ultimate favourites.

Here is my wish list on (:

Parrot Pillow $148.00

Brentwood Denim Tee – $88.00

Menorquina Sandals – $108.00

Lamai Embroidered Tee – $88.00

Grassland Pot – $48.00

Antiquarian Bangle Set – $38.00

Pleated Botanical Maxi Dress – $298.00

Arabella Hoodie – $78.00

Denia Lasercut Heels – $170.00

Plaited Straw Canteen Bag – $348.00

Fractured Maze Midi Skirt – $98.00

Terrarium Kit – $58.00-$168.00

Coldwater Catch Wind Chime – $98.00

Metallic Tobiko Headband – $38.00

Capri Islander Tote – $98.00

Striped Column Maxi Dress – $118.00

Coral Cliffs Salt Cellar – $12.00

Eliot Tie Dress – $128.00

Guise Maxi Dress – $248.00

Shingle Beach Backpack $248.00

Anatolia Dinner Plate – $12.00-$18.00

Terrycloth Contrast Chemise – $78.00

Olivia Dress – $228.00

Akori Bath Towel – $28.00-$68.00

Float & Flutter Necklace – $38.00

Rhododendron Chandelier – $998.00

Seamed High-Low Tee – $68.00

Juxtapose Silk Blouse – $118.00

Tacuba Pompom Pouch – $68.00

Sidra Cork Wedges – $138.00

Topanga Canyon Maxi Dress – $198.00

Midtown Space-Dyed Dress – $68.00

Elodie Cork Wedges – $138.00

Katima Cuff – $32.00

Beaded Chevron iPhone 5 Case – $38.00

Imogen Duvet – $248.00-$288.00

Ibi Pyramid Ring Box – $68.00 – $88.00


RM - Anthropologie

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THIS IS TONYA. – A fashion blogger that I stumbled upon through LOOKBOOK! Turns out she is one Seventeen Magazine’s finest on the Style Council for 2013. COOL! I love Tonya for her casual hippie-chic style. She embraces vintage pieces among traditional, trendy, and yet feminine garments. woah.

Here are my favourite looks! Enjoy!

that bag


street style - tonya

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I love KAIN and how effortless their pieces are. With their collection they embrace the casual chic in both city-slickers and suburban lovers. Take a look at their


Fiske Jacket $338.00

Brier Tank Mandarin $80.00

Kinney Dress $150.00

Classic V-Neck Tee $84.00

Ogden Short Fog + White $316.00

Landa Skirt $146.00

Finch Top $140.00

Ogden Short Green Floral $316.00

Thayer Blouse $224.00

Sierra Blouse $322.00 + Andalucia Skirt $326.00

Pico Romper $168.00

Dillon Tank $162.00

Beachwood Blouse $180.00

Altair Dress $154.00

Alta Tank $70.00

Santa Clara Short $176.00

Brier Tank $80.00

Dudley Tank $70.00

Mariposa Dress $234.00


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Yes. I started his feature with a picture of him and a puppy. Its to win your hearts ladies!!

This is Adam Gallagher from I AM GALLA. He is a fashion blogger from the Big Apple (NYC) with a great wardrobe that expresses his fun-tastic persona. (Yes I said fun-tastic. Its a thing.) Lets go through my favourite looks from his wardrobe, shall we?

“OZ, The Great & Powerful” inspired look. // LOVE IT


“Les Miserables” inspired look. // AH I love Le Mis and this is fantastic

“Grease” inspired look. // omg ❤

He won the Lookbook Levis compition with his D.I.Y shorts. Atta boy

If you’re not in love with him yet, then we need to talk.


not loving the all white outfit – ALTHOUGH I always appreciate the vespa cameos


sweet jesus that suit is A+

I have a soft spot for the flows

panda’s :3

And I will end this with a fantastic video of him being awesome..

Adam Gallagher has what they call ‘ULTIMATE SWAG’ and by they I mean me. He totally has swag.


street style - adam

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