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Hello hello. I seemed to not have talked to you a lot one on one but have no fear I will finally tell you who the person behind this blog is.

As you know I’m LOVEAMV (Love, AnnaMaria Vasco). I was studying Fine Arts at the University of Guelph but I recently, spontaneously, decided to drop out and go to a Fashion Institute in Toronto. – As of right now I’m working as a tailor, hemming pants and such, to save up money for this super intense school of fashion things omg (still not over it).

I like art. Art is fun, and as a future fashion student I want to combine the two in all of my projects. Cause art and fashion are cool together, and ya.

I love wordpress – as a Tumblr-er its hard to admit that yes another blogging site is equally as awesome. I like it here, and I’m here to stay. So this is why I’m introducing myself (again) (mainly because the first time I did this I just said cheeky things that describe nothing about my life what-so-ever and called it a day).

I’m Canadian. I want to live in Toronto, London UK [inset british flag here], Paris [eiffel tower], Milan, New York City, LA, and San Francisco. Big dreams I know. My Italian mother has a heart attack every time I talk about it. Poor thing.
But ya big cities are fun. And so is travelling :]

I come from a gigantic Italian family. There are officially 11 in my immediate family (including myself, and sausage my sister and her hubby Mike’s wiener dog). So when I do an “Insta- round up” [title reference here] and show you all photos of my life on Instagram, I’ll introduce you. So then you know who they are and thats fun. And also my friends. and random people I think are cool on the internet…

The main reason behind this blog is so I can show you what I like. And this way we can fan girl about these things together – tell me what you think and what you want to see!! So then I know what to blog about next. I may write like an illiterate fuck (english, grammer, spelling, numbers, etc. – I can’t do it. Ever since I was a kid, it just doesn’t make sense. Fashion school will help me!!) (This is what happens when you paint instead of write essays and do math shit for two years). But hey! I am willing to learn! I promise. My articles will one day make sense I’m sure of it!

So I will not post all of my instagram photos but if you want to see them just follow me! My username is Loveamv (surprise) (click the link to see an online friendly profile of my insta-life). Here are my favourite photos from the beginning up until a week.

“falling in love with my new necklace 😻”
[January 2013]
— totally got that necklace ‘on sale’ at Ardenes. Also the fact that both of my head phones still work in this photo makes me sad because only the one works now and its the worst thing ever.

“#glamouruk the perfect outfits 😻😻”
[January 2013]
— I subscribed to Glamour UK on my iPhone and its the best thing I’ve ever done in a while

“can’t pull this again “no time to venture to Mordor today frodo” @alexwhinton”
[January 2013]
— this is a photo I took the second I looked up from getting on the wrong bus. Little did I know I was going on a grand adventure through the country for two and a half hours instead of going down the street to see a friend. Buses are awesome.

“little panda I want you in my life 🐼🐼🐼❀❀ #childrenbookmadeforme”
[January 2013]
— actually the most perfect book ever at the book sale in the University Center!!!

“Wassup my brotha #zia #ella”
[January 2013]
— this is my niece who is actually me at the age of 3. We’re cute πŸ™‚ Also I got that top at American Apparel and its awesome. I got one with polka dots and the other one with CATS.

“CANADA #snow”
[January 2013]
— this is approximately where I stand everyday to catch the bus to go to work. Because of Global Warming, snow was a big thing that day..

“Make Art Not War #beauty @alexwhinton”
[January 2013]
— This is my bffl Alex and her sweater that matches one of the posters at the posters sale in the University Centre. Supa coooool

“oh hey”
[January 2013]
— felt a little spontaneous and got a tattoo of 2 octaves in C Major :] And shaved the back of my head. when I say I’m spontaneous I’m not kidding. ALSO THIS COUNTS FOR THE TATTOO GOAL. so ya :]

“a shot from the adventures of ally ways #graffiti #icicle #urbanthings”
[December 2012]
— took this bad boy when I adventured to Waterloo before the new year! twas a fun time

“I’m kind of obsessed with making these bracelets #crafts #funtimes”
[December 2012]
— during the Christmas break I decided to make a bunch of bracelets at the tailor shop I work at. I only used scrap materials we cut off the bottom of long pants and thread! Super fun

“my Greek bffl #fierce #sundaydrunkday #quarters #hbdlauren!!!”
[December 2012]
— Alex and I being super drunk and fantabulous on a Sunday

“where I live #studio”
[December 2012]

“She is Sasha fierce #sassqueen #kitten #cat”
[November 2012]
— this is Toulouse!! I had her for about 4 months then gave her away because roommates and life. She was so sassy and awesome I miss her so.

“my keyboard cat 😻 #kitten #catporn”
[October 2012]
— see. she’s so fucking cute. look at her.

“here’s another one of my nudes! #art #charcoal #drawing”
[November 2012]
— last semester I was in a drawing class and this is what I got to do all the time. twas amazing. This model was also a fox and I always spot her at local coffee shops (can I say awkward?) I still long for the day a beautiful tan man with scruff does nude modelling and we fall madly in love. I watch The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants wayyyy too often!

“what’s with me finding super sweet spiders #spiderporn”
[November 2012]
— actually though, I always find super sweet spiders

“finished my painting for the bullring! #painting #art”
[October 2012]
— entered this baby into a contest. Didn’t win. #sadpanda

You can keep exploring !! Just go here Loveamv.

BYE hope you like my life!

insta-round up

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