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Check out Late Cambrian’s beautiful indie tunes on LOVEAMV.NET !!!





Yes. I started his feature with a picture of him and a puppy. Its to win your hearts ladies!!

This is Adam Gallagher from I AM GALLA. He is a fashion blogger from the Big Apple (NYC) with a great wardrobe that expresses his fun-tastic persona. (Yes I said fun-tastic. Its a thing.) Lets go through my favourite looks from his wardrobe, shall we?

“OZ, The Great & Powerful” inspired look. // LOVE IT


“Les Miserables” inspired look. // AH I love Le Mis and this is fantastic

“Grease” inspired look. // omg ❤

He won the Lookbook Levis compition with his D.I.Y shorts. Atta boy

If you’re not in love with him yet, then we need to talk.


not loving the all white outfit – ALTHOUGH I always appreciate the vespa cameos


sweet jesus that suit is A+

I have a soft spot for the flows

panda’s :3

And I will end this with a fantastic video of him being awesome..

Adam Gallagher has what they call ‘ULTIMATE SWAG’ and by they I mean me. He totally has swag.


street style - adam

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IT’S BACK – I am rounding up the best of the best (I find) in street style. Lets get back to it shall we?

RU - troprouge

Christina Caradona on TROP ROUGE from New York City. Originally posted HERE.



RU2 - the fashion fraction

Michèle K. on THE FASHION FRACTION from Switzerland. Originally posted HERE.

these shoes are freaking adorable

I would wear this in a heart beat

She’s rocking the double ombre AGAIN and this time its even better because of the aztec detailing on the shorts. Well done.

I’m loving the printed jackets!!



Julie on POP CHAMPAGNE from Ottawa. Originally posted HERE.

la la love this one

hair envy

These pants are A+


RU2 - mac westin

Max Westin on LOOKBOOK from Sweden. Originally posted HERE.



RU2 - lovemore

Annabel Wendt on LOVEMORE from Australia. Originally posted HERE.

That’s all for now folks! Part 3 will be up on Tuesday, then it’s back to new features! I hope you have been enjoying my All-Star’s. Let me know who is your favourite so far – I’d love to hear some feedback!! Don’t be afraid, I usually don’t bite..


RU Part2

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Hello Hello! Today is Street Style day! I have decided on doing a ‘Street Style Round Up’ featuring all of the previous (lovely) bloggers and street stylists that have appeared on LOVEAMV so far. They all have new looks that I want to share with you! I want to encourage you viewers to re-visit these gems. The beauty of blogs is that they’re constantly updated and being a blogger myself I enjoy the re-visitors – because you care enough to come back! Thanks for being awesome guys (:

Lets go in order shall we?

RU - calivintage

Erin Laura Perez Hagstrom on CALIVINTAGE from California. Originally posted HERE.

lmao freaking love her


RU - a haute mess

Nicole Blasima on A HAUTE MESS from New York City. Originally posted HERE.


RU - kendall donaldson

Kendall Donaldson from Toronto. Originally posted HERE.


RU - the daybook

Sydney Poulton on THE DAYBOOK. Originally posted HERE


RU - madeline becker

Madeline Backer from Texas. Originally posted HERE.


RU - helielyb

Heliely Bermudez on HELIELYB from South Cali. Originally posted HERE.

Part 2 will be posted on the next scheduled Street Style day which is THURSDAY.


RU Part1

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Another one of my personal street style collections from one of the worlds most recognized street style blogs! They have photographers located in New York City, London, Paris, and Seoul. So on here you find trends around the world coming together in little categories. I went through many (obviously collecting my fav looks), but these categories range from ‘The Vintage Coat’ to ‘Cool Capes’ which are fun, because you get to look at collections.

Visit STYLESIGHTINGS and you can take a gander through not only the trends in street style, but in beauty, travel, lifestyle, etc. Have fun 🙂

but first, look at my faves






Hope you like my personal collection!! They should make my own category thing and call it..

street style - stylesight

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