Lately I have been fangirling at every puppy that walks by me on the streets of Toronto. It’s hilarious. Like every single one I walk by I start screaming and go ‘PUPPY’. I’ve adapted this from my roommate and I am totally ok with it. So while I was on Tumblr searching the tag #PUPPY this lovely artist Yago Partal came up. Immediately I died laughing and decided holy shit I NEED to blog about this..


let me introduce Yago Partal’s ZOO PORTRAITS

too kewl 4 skewl

The whole entire time I look at them I’m thinking ‘damn you got some swaag’.

I ‘m totally saving all of these and making them my desktop background..


feat art - zoo portraits

//Font: Ohio Player by Yuji Adachi
\\Youtube: Byegone by Volcano Choir