omg I am having so much fun with her name. Imagine having your name be Leeloo.. it’s AWESOME! She is from Paris and likes Art History. How do I know this? It’s the only thing I could understand on her little ‘About Me’ blurb. Let’s just say I am not the greatest at French (even though I took it in Elementary School and High School) BUT I TRIED. Gold star for me!

//Her blog does have an English friendly option (click the British flag on the right sidebar) but Google translator sometimes translates things a little too literally and it’s quite hard to understand. Like I am pretty sure she did not literally say QUOTE “I hope these new photos will seduce you, […] I’ll talk right after you! This is partiiiii”. She could totally be wanting a blog orgy, but I highly doubt it. Well done Google.//

so gorgeous

she is so great

HAAA you weren’t expecting that now were you trollol

his watch is A+

And I will leave you with her starring off into the abis.


street style - leeloo

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