Yes. I started his feature with a picture of him and a puppy. Its to win your hearts ladies!!

This is Adam Gallagher from I AM GALLA. He is a fashion blogger from the Big Apple (NYC) with a great wardrobe that expresses his fun-tastic persona. (Yes I said fun-tastic. Its a thing.) Lets go through my favourite looks from his wardrobe, shall we?

“OZ, The Great & Powerful” inspired look. // LOVE IT


“Les Miserables” inspired look. // AH I love Le Mis and this is fantastic

“Grease” inspired look. // omg ❤

He won the Lookbook Levis compition with his D.I.Y shorts. Atta boy

If you’re not in love with him yet, then we need to talk.


not loving the all white outfit – ALTHOUGH I always appreciate the vespa cameos


sweet jesus that suit is A+

I have a soft spot for the flows

panda’s :3

And I will end this with a fantastic video of him being awesome..

Adam Gallagher has what they call ‘ULTIMATE SWAG’ and by they I mean me. He totally has swag.


street style - adam

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