OH HEY – Totally blogging about Hannah cause it’s her birthday and we’ve been blog-obsessed with each other since I was in Grade 11 (forever ago). I know its Interior Design day – but #yolo.

HANNAH IS AWESOME and from California. She loves coffee, going on adventures with her bffl ALYSSA, and taking pictures of ALL THE THINGS. Her blog consists of beautiful photographs, her face, and playlists that enlighten my ears with beautiful sounds.

Here is a collection of photos over various posts from the lovely Hannah that I find absolutely gorgeous. (REMEMBER SHE TAKES THESE PHOTOS HERSELF BECAUSE SKILL – so give credit lovelies!)

Alyssa and her being total babes


same yo

Love you girly, have a lovely birthday! And one day we will rock Coachella in our #festbest outfits and whatnot.


hannah who consumes coffee

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