Hello Hello! Today is Street Style day! I have decided on doing a ‘Street Style Round Up’ featuring all of the previous (lovely) bloggers and street stylists that have appeared on LOVEAMV so far. They all have new looks that I want to share with you! I want to encourage you viewers to re-visit these gems. The beauty of blogs is that they’re constantly updated and being a blogger myself I enjoy the re-visitors – because you care enough to come back! Thanks for being awesome guys (:

Lets go in order shall we?

RU - calivintage

Erin Laura Perez Hagstrom on CALIVINTAGE from California. Originally posted HERE.

lmao freaking love her


RU - a haute mess

Nicole Blasima on A HAUTE MESS from New York City. Originally posted HERE.


RU - kendall donaldson

Kendall Donaldson from Toronto. Originally posted HERE.


RU - the daybook

Sydney Poulton on THE DAYBOOK. Originally posted HERE


RU - madeline becker

Madeline Backer from Texas. Originally posted HERE.


RU - helielyb

Heliely Bermudez on HELIELYB from South Cali. Originally posted HERE.

Part 2 will be posted on the next scheduled Street Style day which is THURSDAY.


RU Part1

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