Woah has life ever been so hectic. Thank goodness spontaneous adventures exists to keep me sane during the transition period of moving from Guelph to Toronto. I have finally got a job!!!!! at Blossom Lounge. Its so awesome omg. If you ever visit or just happen to be in Toronto and you feel like strolling through the Distillery District – make sure to come visit Blossom Lounge! (its so pretty you wont regret it)

I have also found a cute house to move into!! Yay! I’m going to “Apartment Therapy the shit out of it”. I will blog before and after pics don’t you worry. I am so excited to have a bedroom AND an office! I need this. I need both. I have been living in a bedroom about the size of a walk-in-closet since the age of 13.. its time for space! Its also time for me to have my ‘big girl bed’ 😀 (this will be first time I will own a bed bigger than a twin. WOO) Also my office will be transformed into a studio featuring easels, giant canvases, my desk, a retro drawing table (if it doesn’t fit in the kitchen), and my keyboard. Plus I have white cemented-in fireplaces that I’m so excited to decorate with pointless knick-knacks.. they don’t even need a purpose they just need to look pretty. But enough fan-girling about this house, you will be informed more about it later.

So back to my spontaneous adventures.. The entry photo is part of the following collection of photos taken on 4/20 – where I ventured to Toronto for the day to sign the lease for my house and chill with the boys. We found a beach filled with pink umbrellas and white lawn chairs! AND there was a boat. So cool.


I’ve been in Toronto quite a bit the past few weeks! In between job interviews and chillin with my homi’s I was able to snap a couple of pics in the city..


The next few photos are of my dear friends Michelle, Nicole, Jess, Katie,Carley, and Marnie’s house! Even though the house was dutty I still loved the chill environment the girls gave! One thing I will most definitely miss is crashing on their couch and waking up to vanilla and nutmeg coffee (omnom).

And now for my random collection of photos selected from my Camera Roll! Yay iPhones!

it’s technically still happy hour #5:57

I’m going to serenade my Instagram with poetic photos of Guelph cause BYEE

the only photo evidence of my birthday.. @alexwhinton
— i’m now 20 WOOO nat twenty-teen what is this shit

reminds me of my Zio’s rooftop in Italy.. #bringmeback


always been my favorite place to venture around campus – 3 more weeks Guelph #byee




Thats all for now – I will be in touch soon! After all, LOVEAMV has a schedule now (:



life collection of photos 2

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