Let me introduce the French-Canadian — Anik Lacasse-Richard!! I will most definitely admit that yes, I do only go on her blog solemnly to look at pictures (b/c I can’t speak French at all… its sad). But if you speak french then this is the fashion blog to explore!!

I have come to the conclusion that she looks like a combination of Alexa Chung and Katy Perry.. yes? Regardless of who she looks like her wardrobe is full of purdy textiles and vibrant pops of colour – which I have stated on my captions previously to be a gigantic TREND ALERT. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I would actually be her if I had money. we even have the same hair its awesome.

Naturally here are my favourite looks!!
I’ll give you 3 words to describe what to expect from this collection BLACK, REDS, CHEETAH

[oh and I hope you like my blog layout change too :3]

I want all of this

I love the pink lips - pops so hard

anyone else notice the animal print trend? ME TOO AND I LIKE IT

i like her tatt and spikey shoes

this is an accurate photo of what my hair is styled like now - but I always wear it up and this inspires me not too ok good talk

like she's so pretty

i want everything

im so in love with this its retarded


Hope you enjoyed this one! She’s a gem

street style - anik

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