Spring is finally making its way back into my life. Yay! With Spring comes obsessive amounts of cleaning and today I decided to tackle my computer.. which was a bad mistake haha. I found a bunch of awesome photos in random folders that I’ve saved over time and I’ve decided to share them with you!
So Naturally I put together a giant collection of my fav most inspiring photos ever, and here are the first few I have gathered up!!

Also most should be photos taken by myself.. but in the event of them not being mine I do not claim any credit. All rights go to their respectful owners and whatnot (:


The Wizard of Oz on my old school TV



Johnston Hall, The University of Guelph — one of the most beautiful residences ever and I scored it first year WOO


niagara falls casino edit

My shot of the casino!! super excited to go there at the end of the month with my gurlz. Its gonna be grand


My Zia's (aunts) backyard in Milan, Italy. Such a beautiful place!!

My Zia’s (aunts) backyard in Milan, Italy. Such a beautiful place!!



The interior of the Bullring pub/cafe place on campus @ The University of Guelph


my bffl Michelle’s illustration of me last year – I do not miss you bangs but I look so cute zomg. She actually did a drawing of herself and our other bffl Sierra and hangs them together on her wall. Wish I had a picture…

found it!! see we’re adorbs



my bedroom at my parents house is so magestical

Thats all for now folks!!

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