Let me introduce the 25 year old retired housewife, now full-time popcorn eating Australian, Annabel Wendt! And no I did not make up that introduction and if you do not believe me click HERE and it proves everything. (its her description on her Lookbook if you’re too lazy to click) (ya I look out for you lazy bloggers – I got your back)

I swear if 90s grunge and a true 70s hippie had a baby it would be her. These are my favourite jaw dropping bad-ass, peace, love and rock and roll inspired looks 🙂

tie dye + floral + graphic tee = i don’t even know but its awesome

obviously throwing in the maxi skirts

LOVE the black sneakers with this

rocking the flared pant like yeah

gelly sandals AND ombre shorts? soul mates

I would wear the shit out of this outfit

LOVE IT AHHH – totally might do this with all the left over pieces of material I get when I hem peoples pants at work .. yayyyyyy

that jacket!!! ahh

everything but the hair. I love it. but your bun I’m so sorry

the pink socks ahah I love it

extreme high-low skirt

crochet pants?!?!?!? in love

I loved everything about her Lookbook. Everything is so experimental, fun and carefree! She has great expression through her clothing – even if she doesn’t give any of the fucks its still awesome.
Naturally I ventured to her blogspot LOVEMORE and realized she does DOPE COLLAGES. These may seem more appealing when under the influence.. jus sayin


I hope your mind is now blown and you now have a new favourite person on the Internet


street style - annabel wendt

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