So I was on Apartment Therapy again… (I know, again. The visiting never ends! It’s actual therapy and makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy)

Instead of looking at lofts I can’t afford I’ve been looking at workspaces!! Hopefully one day when I’m rich and famous I will own my own workplace including a studio (open for artists and designers!!) display/sell art, sell local designer lines and have live music on thurs, fri, and sat nights! [THIS IS MY ULTIMATE DREAM] So I’m looking at spaces that can inspire me to work hard – save money – and tackle this big dream of mine.


Chris Barrett (who is one of the greatest designers I’ve stumbled upon) and her beautiful team was featured on Apartment Therapy for her workspace!! This spot is located in Santa Monica, LA California. Chris and her team focus on accentuating the textiles and keeping true to neutrals and natural light!!

Lets take a gander through this place shall we?

Front Doors!!! Imagine..

I love the idea of framing magazine spreads. I have a whole wall of them in my bedroom :3


a wall of textiles warm my heart

Interior design-gasms everywhere!
and I will leave you with that


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