JUST IN! Dita Von Teese rocked the first ever 3D printed dress at the Manhattan’s Ace Hotel — designed by Michael Schmidt (who designed Lady Gaga’s bubble dress) and architect Francis Bitonti. This is most definitely the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!!!

Look at her go! You go Glen Coco

here are point form facts to know about the dress (because point form is easier and fun)

  • Apparently it only weighs 11.5lbs? How does it weigh ONLY that much? I was expecting it to weight just as much as her.. SCIENCE
  • No other woman is allowed to wear this dress!! It will now be going on display in museums and whatnot
  • This dress was made from 2,633 hollow, interlocking pieces of hardened powdered nylon which were lacquered black and covered with 13,000 black Swarovski crystals. (totally copy and pasted that from HERE)
  • Its inspired by the Fibonacci sequence – which automatically makes me think of The Da Vinci Code
  • The printer that performed magic was the EOS P350 printer at Shapeways in Queens, New York.

Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti being handsome


DETAIL look at that people this shit is cray

process shot! she looks like an Avatar but white


Here are the lovely sources for this post (WIRED, TECHNABOB, UPROXX, and the HUFFINGTONPOST

YAY! This post was inspired by the radio telling me about this while sewing this morning. Good job radio, finally you did something right.


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