This is JULIE!!!! The cutest thing I have ever stumbled upon AND she’s from Ottawa which is amaze-balls because yay Canada. Her blog is PopChampagne and you should venture through all of her classy/cute/sometimes badass outfits. I already took a gander through her lookbook and gathered my fav looks!! (as per usual) enjoy 🙂

GALAXY PANTS. stick around and you’ll see where she got these from (blackmilk clothing post is on its wayyyyyyyyy!!!!)


combat boots will always have a special place in my heart

neon is the new black DID YOU HEAR?

she did the studs on the jacket herself!!! Check out how she did it in her DIY section


CAN I HAS THOSE SHOES and sweater. probs my favourite outfit thus far

that hat is amazing zomg. my friend Sierra has one and so should you

worker boots ARE MY JAM. actually though I call them adventure boots and they get me through Canadian winters

in love with her Jack Daniels shirt!!!


She also has an amazing section to her blog that explores DIY projects!! I know I’m in love too. This one here is a turn out of reusing earrings as collar frames!! Something like this is perfect for me because at work I can only wear collared shirts and black bottoms therefore I can now be all fashionable n shit when I hem pants.

another DIY project by Julie – by drawing cute pictures on old book pages and decorating your shelves with it

Thats all for now folks!

street style - julie

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