I featured Alexandra on my illustrationamv tumblr not too long ago and I had to go back and look at her work again and blog more about it because ITS SO GOOD.

I personally am a sucker for portraits.. its probably one of my favourite things to do in art. I love accentuating the ‘individual’ and glorifying whats so different between you and the person beside you and the most obvious difference is your face! (even identical twins have different faces, you just need to look closely). When doing a portrait the artist examines everything from the eyelids – to the hairs on your chinny chin chin — wether the artist chooses to capture those details is up to them and their style.
The reason why I appreciate Alexandra’s work so much is because she not only captures the face but the personality behind it – she creates or displays the given character. There is a lot to learn about these figures just through her work!! So naturally I put together my favourite pieces, and created my personal ‘zomg these are awesome’ collection below.

ENJOY! and also click HERE to galavant through her website and look at all of other amazing works.


I would totally put this in my bathroom or something

me in 10 years (cat lady in the making)

he looks so scared. wow

“and his dick was THIS big” “oh.. you don’t say”

look at that horse shirt. you go horse shirt

SHE ALSO does a bunch of stuff for fashion!! Here are some of her watercolors capturing famously trendy lines

oh and here is my favourite page on her website. Like I could stare at this FOR DAYS


alexandra french last name

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