Actually though, I’ve been living in limbo for the past few months.. time to get my shit together!! I’m planning on starting the job search either in the tri-cities or Toronto.. IF YOU KNOW ANY PLACES HIRING LET ME KNOW. and no strip clubs are not an option.

I ventured to Toronto yesterday as a matter of fact to look at a couple places my friend Angie and I are interested in. Then we went shopping. IT WAS AWESOME

life - toronto ventures

this is a giant sundial across from the NOVA hotel.. I was so impressed with the sculpture I had to take an artsy photo

HI THIS IS ME with my new phone case from Urban Outfitters that says HOW DO YOU LIKE MEOW. its relevant

Angie and I being all cute n shit. (fun facts about Angie, I’ve known her since grade 2 and we’re becoming room-mates)

Spring come faster!!!

asdfghjhkl;kl #beyonce #myqueen


ife is pretty fantastic right now #lotr #nofilter #funtimesallaround and I’m eating bagel bites

it was either this photo or the one i took with frodo topless tied in chains on my tv. I thought this was more appropriate

…. but then I just took this photo and died #frodo #yougracefulfuck

My pub napkin drawing! Went out for some beers with my bffls

Textiles!! fabrics how I love you so. And this is the fabric of my couch at home (:

my nephew Matteo attacked my parents bathroom.. twas a nightmare!!

I’ll visit you one day Spain!!!!

“What a man” $150 pencil. I lub it. One of my favourite drawings I have done so far

“Right here” $150 pencil.

my first attempt at this ‘new’ drawing style

MY INSPO for all those previous drawings

also note Give Me Love by (the oh so lovely) Ed Sheeran was currently playing at the time

Got pretty day drunk on valentines day! Went out for lunch with my Alex’s xx.

My beautiful friend Sierra drinking beer at lets say 3pm

so purdyyyyyy

GRANDPA SWEATER and my fav necklace again


drew this bad boy on the table at Montana’s!!

My current, fav, most recently played, albums <3

My current, fav, most recently played, albums ❤

life what to do with it

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