THIS is Michèle K. who is a dedicated fashion blogger from Switzerland! She is all over the social networks.. here’s her blog THEFASHIONFRACTION, LOOKBOOK, FACEBOOK, etc. etc. I advise you to venture around her blog because she has A+ taste in fashion.

Here are my fav looks!! (Don’t mind my hilarious captions..)


if you haven’t noticed I ALWAYS appreciate the maxi skirts. Plus look at all the trend combo’s!! Black and white graphic pattern paired with a forest green maxi. fashion jizz everywhere

Michèle says: Should I buy this? and I say: YES WHY ARE YOU EVEN SECOND GUESSING?! actually though. those need to exist in my life

this is like everything my Nonna probably owns. BUT A LOT NICER

actually love this.
to recreate this look try a graphic tee with something hilarious on it (like Bill Nye the Science Guy) or a plain crew neck paired with a collared necklace! yay fun fashion facts!!

embellishments ❤

TREND ALERT! neon colours hi

DOUBLE GRADIENT DENIM. its just as good as that double rainbow.

that colour my god.

those sunglasses are now on my shopping bucket list

I hope you noticed the road on her skirt. cause thats fucking cool

my black and white graphics!! hiiiii

this is pretty much a variation of what I wear to work.. denim and black is my fav


a perfect way to rock a fur vest! or faux fur.. (whatever your heart desires)

…..or hat!

THESE SHORTS! and koodos to the red shoes and lips


street style michelle k

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