Oh my goodness it’s Oh My Vogue! Henar does an amazing job showing her closet (confession: I want it so bad). I wish I had money so I could buy these clothes but because I am a poor student thrift stores and H&M is all I got.. and I can barely afford H&M hahaha. (my life is so sad).

So in order to motivate myself to get a full time job and afford these wonderful clothes and to go to fashion school, I will post Henar’s street style shots! So I can see what I can’t have which will make me work for it and blahblah. (currently looking for a full time job in the following fields: artist/designer/fashionblogger/intern/orhooker/loljustkidding)

HENAR and her classy clothes:

loving her red pants

pant envy

this is my favourite

Im loving this colour paired with black!! zomg


if you want more here is a LINK for you toe venture too!

k bye!

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