zomg her hair and her hats are absolutely fantabulous. Just look:

This is Miss Christina Caradona whom contains a fair portion of swag in street style fashion. I appreciate how she doesn’t care about her hair and how the messier it is the more fabulous she feels. Like actually no fucks are given in most/all photos on her lookbook – I especially love this because she embraces what she is given. Which you should do too! Embrace how unique either your hair or eyes or legs!!! are – find that thing that screams ‘zomg thats totally me’ and ROCK IT. no lies. follow her footsteps if need be.

those shoes plus that print >>

I can not get over her hair. its AMAZING

if you haven’t noticed I greatly appreciate red and green being complimentary colours. I greatly appreciate when fashion and art coexist with each other.

This is me going as far back as July 2010 – you can most definitely venture farther if you love her ootd’s. Plus I skipped a lot so you may find some that interest you! yay!

street style - christina

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