So I’ve been online shopping again.. I’ve stumbled upon this gem TOBI.COM And here is my bucket list xx.

Chantel Laced Dress $43 at

Marionetta Dress $42 at

Put in Lace Dress $37 at

Shayna Sheer Babydoll Dress $37 at

Mink Pink All Coming Back Dress $96 at

Mink Pink Great White Shirt Dress $88 at

Lace Cage Back Skater Dress $39 at


Off Crochet Mini Dress4

Simpleton Skater Dress $38 at

Even Vegan Leather Skater Dress $42 at

No Backing Down Dress $48 at

Genevieve Embellished Romper $58 at

Buena Wrap Bodysuit $36 at

Crossover Bodysuit $48 at

Donna Colorblock Blazer $53 at

Contrast Sleeve Leather Jacket $94 at

Jeweled Jane Militia Jacket $78 at

Danielle Trench Coat $76 at

Contrast Denim Moto Jacket $52 at

Already own this bad boy – In love ā™„ —Up In Army Contrast Jacket $72 at

Rockies Collared Jacket $78 at

M.I.A. Contrast Jacket $76 at

Annie Strapped Jacket $78

Sophie Blazer $60 at

Contrast Color Leggings $36 at

Be The Biker Leggings $21 at

Grunge Roses Cotton Leggings $30 at

Hopi Aztec Pants $54 at

Dolce Vita Lado Tip Flats $79 at

Chinese Laundry Strawberry Fields Booties $92 at

Kelsi Dagger Trulux Suede Ankle Boot $59 at

Leather Biker Shorts $23 at

Penny Shorts $54 at

Madame Crochet Shorts $54 at

Sequin Cross Shorts $50 at

Neopolitan Ombre Terry Shorts $50 at

Sequin Cross Shorts $50 at

Two Shades Top $40 at

Simplicity Blouse $50 at

Silver Lining Top $36 at

Striped Out Blouse $30 at

Liddle Middle Blouse $26 at

Lauren Trim Blouse $30 at

Wrapped and Stitched Maxi Skirt $23 at

Getting Knitty Sweater 2 $58 at

Jolie Striped Skirt $40 at

Back in the Days Denim Skirt $54 at

Vegan Leather Skater Skirt $44 at

Simply Lace Skirt $42 at

Ombre Lace Crochet Skirt $54 at

Fringe Skirt $46 at

Neon Dreams Skirt $34 at

Crochet Pull On Shorts $20 at

Kara Shorts $34 at

There are a million other pieces to look at. I recommend looking through their designer catalogue.

Enjoy spending all your money! your welcome


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