Hello hello everyone! I’ve been snowed in a friends for the past few days! Canadian weather has definitely been true to its stereotype. Look at the snow (you can kind of see it in the background)

Alex, Spencer, Lauren, Alex and Jordan’s backyard

The whole house and I were supposed to go to the Mandarin in Kitchener which made me super excited because thats right by my home town but we ended up going to Montana’s right down the road instead. The safer route due to the weather haha

The art I drew on the paper table cloth at Montana’s !

we felt super lame (and cool) to pose with our lollipops when we got our bills haha

The last couple of nights I’ve had days off and I’ve been house hopping haha. I feel like a gypsy (title reference here). Last night (and tonight) I’ve been crashing at Alex’s, and the night before at my bestests Michelle’s. Her house and roomies are fantabulous and I love chilling with them after work and whatnot. I absolutely love staring at the ceiling in their living room – especially after a night of partying and the whole world is in a kaleidoscope. This is why:

yes thats a rainbow, spiked, lightbulb.

earlier that night Michelle, Chanti, Tori and I went for beers at the Bullring on campus and then got free beers at Brasstaps for being Fine Arts students! yay

IM SO EXCITED what are the odds that they’re coming to Guelph?!!

fun story: right after taking this selfie I spilt coffee ALL OVER MY SHIRT. RlP shirt, you were beautiful. (I gots it at American Apparel)

my super swag monkey slippers my parents kept for me #thelittlethings

welcome to my front yard!!

super cute poster I found in the Zavitz building on campus. Love it! I would like some Luck and Cats plz

life - i'm a bit of a gypsy

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