Found another beautiful loft on Apartment Therapy ! So excited.

This lovely couple’s grand idea for the loft was to incorporate a Parisian theme with hints of antique furniture and DIY masterpieces (bookshelf turned into denim-shelf) (you’ll know what I mean in a few scrolls).

Lets take a gander through this space shall we..

absolutely LOVE the wall decor. music notes everywhere!!!!

mod chairs + antique table + natural light = interior design orgy

another mod + antique combo. more subtle but damn, well done.

when in doubt – place a bunch of neutrals with a colour accent together and viola! chic shit

absolutely in love with that wall. Its possible to be in love with a wall right?

the denim-shelf I described earlier. so cool

limited with space? sure, you can totally put your bicycle in the living room

cork board stair case? wonderful idea.

nicole and aaron - loft

Actually in love with this space. You can venture through all the photos here!!

That’s all for now folks. Have a good one (:

nicole and aaron - loft

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