I’ve been blog crazy for the past 24 hrs – mainly because I worked a little too hard at the gym for the past few days and my body went into coma mode. My parents decided to kidnap me yesterday so I could take baths, relax, and watch movies all day at their house. Naturally, I took all the baths, and I am so ok with being kidnapped. It was a day well spent!

Today on the other hand I am going to venture to Mississauga and visit a dear friend from home. We’re probably going to watch a movie and apply a very intense drinking game to it. (Example: Harry Potter Drinking Game) (your welcome). Before I go adventuring again, this morning I will eat a glorious breakfast (that I will most likely instagram) and blog! Doing so, I looked in my favourites folder while galavanting on the internets and literally said out loud ‘How have I not blogged about Kendall Donaldson.” She’s like a rising star for Canada. You go girl. I’ll see you at TFW in a year or so. hopefully. (I hate working to save money because clothes and shoes – I just want to start fashion school now haha wah).

As per usual, here are my FAV looks she rocks. I love her style and I would absolutely wear all of the following outfits. Zomg

such an adventurous outfit and wow. ok I’ll stop fangirling.

actually gorgeous

She has a wordpress!! Which means you can follow her here. Yay!

Have a good one and enjoy the weekend!!

street style - kendall

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