So I will publicly admit that I do have a thing for street style. I just love people and people in pretty clothes. And if one makes an effort not to look like complete shit when stepping out of their house in the morning they deserve recognition, am I right? Especially when they deck themselves in trendy clothes – thats effort. Well done. Therefore I’ve decided to do features of my favourite street stylists! And/or collections of sweet street style photos (hopefully with their rightful credits) that I’ve found on Tumblr. YAY!

street style - calivintage

So this time around we have Calivintage – whom is a big deal in the blogging world. I don’t even feel worthy enough to blog about her – but hi I’m doing it anyways.

Right before the new year she did a post where she rounded up her personal favourite looks of 2012 – and here are my fav pics out of those ones!

(all photo credit for this post goes to Calivintage)

Ain’t she purdy!? I hope you enjoyed all these beautiful outfits

street style - calivintage

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