So I just began a personal goal which is to get a tattoo every year that I’m in school. I started last year during my first year of university and I think it would be cute to get something that describes who I am at this point in time each year. I’m lame, love me.

Last year I got this bad boy:

I got this for my love for music – I’ve been playing piano since I was a wee little one. I got it on my left hand because that is my favourite hand to play with. If you play the piano you know how the right hand always holds the melody – but the harmony comes in with the left and without those lower keys the song doesn’t sound whole. I’m all about being whole. “Stay Calm, be whole” Some say I should’ve gotten a whole note – but eighth notes are prettier I find. And more fun to play. (my logic)

So I have various ideas for my future tattoo’s. Some of them I’m 100% sure I will have within the next 5 years – and some I’m still undecided yet. I don’t have very long until 2012 ends which means I should probably get on my next one.. but which one to do!

Here are some template ideas for one of the upcoming ones (will I get this next? no clue) help me decide which ones look prettier!!
– Font: American Typewriter Light

captials and lower case

capitals and lowercase





location = left shoulder blade


tattoo time

//Font: interplanetary by weknow
\\Currently Playing: Erase Me – Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West