I discovered this gem on Tumblr! (as per usual) Her art is crazy good. like crazy good. There’s something about the figures she captures that gives straight emotion. Some of her works are terrifying and others quite beautiful. I love when an artist explores their interests in a variety of mediums and she rocks drawing, painting, printmaking, and graffiti no problem. Here are some of my personal favourites accompanied by captions from the artist describing the pieces.

To look at all of her works click here.

“Nostalgia setting in today… This is a watercolour and acrylic painting from highschool that I did for an earth day art competition. It is based on deforestation.”

“working on 3 of these. Just a push pencil on a big piece of paper… 60’s lovin’!”

“someone needs to stop eating out angry pussy..;) Another watercolour I painted recently.” XXMG

“my very first intaglio print from printmaking first term at school.. It’s of britt ekland and one of my guys..Terrible cell phone picture though.”

just finished taking my first printmaking class as well. I wish my intaglio prints turned out as nice as this! Intalgio << woodcut

“Parking meter behind #celebrities #streetart #wheatpaste #monster..this is getting addictive”


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